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About Us

We (Dave Warnett and his team) have between us over sixty years of experience in building and designing Garden Centres and Commercials Glasshouses in the UK, Netherlands, Germany and New Zealand.

We really know this market and have a track record of delivery. The detailed technical aspect of the project are vital to us and we use leading edge 3D CAD design to ensure what we design will work when it is completed.

We have a tremendous selection of skills within the business, and can handle from scratch design through to full scale construction. Detailed and accurate project management is at the core of everything we undertake.

We talk about ‘field to paper and back to site’.

What we mean by this is we survey the site first using the latest electronic equipment, and get  it onto paper, ("field to paper") so that what we talk about and agree at the very start of the project will fit and work practically. This is then transferred into the field (" back to site") as we commence construction. Our customers will know exactly what the end product will look like in situ before we commence the build.

So what can we do?

  • We can do the survey.
  • We can design it.
  • We can fit it to the site.
  • We can plan it and specify it.
  • We can budget and cost the project.
  • We can build it.
  • We use our experience and knowledge to prevent the pit falls.
  • We make sure things happen in the right sequence and on time.
  • We can maintain it.

It is all about Technical Precision and Excellence, Depth of Experience, a Track Record of Delivery and Personal Accountability and Approachability – You Work With Us & We Work With You.