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Screening is important from both an energy efficiency and shade point of view but it also creates  ambience and atmosphere. The adjustable sliding block technology allows for energy conservation and shading through to complete black out situations. We can also build shade halls and retractable plastic roof systems.

Below we detail some of the key aspects of the systems but if you have any questions please contact us directly. Email us or Call Us.

Drive systems

Push pull systems & Cable drive systems

For Horizontal Installations:

  • Singular, double and multiple installations
  • Tent-type installations
  • Twin installations (opposite each other supported on a wire bed)

For Vertical Installations:

  • Roll Screening
  • Twin Roll Screening
  • Roof Roll Screens

Product Benefits

  • Stronger leading edge.
  • Reverse pulleys with double ball bearings.
  • Polyester support clips (support and storm wires) that can slide.
  • The polyester wires do not touch the leading edge (lower maintenance).
  • The SC sliding block that HBS Design use, has been tested by TNO who set the industry standards (test report 2008-D-RO446/B)
  • Small bundle (more light), because we use an adjustable sliding block.
  • Enclosure at the beginning and the end of the roll up screens fitted with magnetic strips.
  • Because the pool wire runs an extra 5cm through the Teflon coated SC sliding block, this creates a smaller bundle of cloth. 
  • Because the pool wire runs an extra 5cm the rubber of the leading edge fits very tightly when the system is closed.
  • Steady climate gapping in the system.